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Through our partnership with Italy’s “Bathsystem” and under our sub-brand “Bathsystem KSA”, Spacemaker KSA’s PODs are custom designed according to the individual characteristics of each project.

We benefit from 30 years of international projects catering to many continents, markets, building codes and client expectation. Bathsystem KSA PODs cater to all types of projects, from low-budget to complex high-end seven-star hotels

Spacemaker produces bathroom PODs, Kitchen pods, utility pods and combo pods. 

Bathroom PODs or toilet PODs are complete building bathroom units that are made in a controlled factory environment, delivered to site and ready to be used. They are generally made by concrete, steel of any combination of both materials, with fully fitted plumbing, electrical, tiling and bathroom accessories.

Modular bathroom PODs are the best solution in projects with enough repetitions of the same bathroom / kitchen
Kitchen PODs work on the same modular principle as bathroom PODs and are a higher quality alternative to a traditionally built kitchen. Spacemaker’s kitchen PODs minimize operational and building costs reducing assembly and on-site construction time.

Spacemaker KSA Kitchen Pods are suitable for a variety of end users such as Residential Buildings, Student Accommodation, Office Buildings & Healthcare Sectors.

Our kitchen PODs are pre-fitted with systems installations (electric, hydraulic, HVAC) and kitchen appliances.

Spacemaker KSA manufactures kitchen Pods in all possible configuration including but not limited to:

  • L Shape
  • Straight
  • Monolithic cubic form

As each POD is manufactured with precision by our highly qualified team under controlled condition, spacemaker guarantees a high-standard, high quality finished POD, delivered and installed
Our Kitchen Pods are bespoke made to customer requirements. Get in touch with our team for in depth assessment of your requirements